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5 arguments for journaling daily

When you start your journaling journey, it might be hard to decide how often you should write. So here are our TOP5 arguments for journaling daily and how the Howdy app supports you in achieving them.

A quick introduction to self-reflection

So you want to get to know yourself more and grow your self-awareness? Awesome! If you feel intimidated by this concept, don't worry about it — it's straightforward, and we will show you the five steps to have a quick, insightful, and relaxing self-reflection session:
The Development

The Howdy approach to journaling programs and guided journaling

We know that journaling can be a little bit hard at times. It may feel overwhelming to start or downright impossible to keep as a habit. That is why we are working on extending the Howdy Daily subscription with two amazing new features to support you in your journaling adventure: journaling programs and guided journaling (and more).

Analog vs digital journaling

You might be asking yourself why should I use an app for journaling if I could just take a piece of paper? so let us present you with some considerations to help you find the best journaling approach for your lifestyle. 
The Howdy app

How to reset the introduction

You might not remember that, but the first time you opened the Howdy app, you were introduced to the app's concept and various ideas on how to use it best. You can refresh your memory at any time when you reset the introduction.
The Howdy app

How to change the theme

Did you know that the Howdy app comes with themes to personalize your experience or mute the colors should you find them overwhelming?

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