The Howdy approach to journaling programs and guided journaling

We know that journaling can be a little bit hard at times. It may feel overwhelming to start or downright impossible to keep as a habit. That is why we are working on extending the Howdy Daily subscription with two amazing new features to support you in your journaling adventure: journaling programs and guided journaling (and more).

Journaling Programs

You might be new to journaling or looking to change your journaling approach — you will love the journaling programs like "14 Days of Gratitude" or "A month of personal growth" that take you from absolute zero to a complete program in a series of steps, one day at a time. Those programs follow a predefined path and have a clear agenda focusing on one specific topic and are designed to help you improve the quality and substance of your journaling.

If you find yourself busy or need a break from the journaling program, it's all fine — the next step will wait for you as long as you need. 

Guided Journaling 

If you cannot decide what to journal about or find yourself frustrated with your journaling routine or frequency, you will love guided journaling programs like "Work Journaling", "Morning Kickoff", or "The Evening Wrap-up". Those programs follow a specific pattern and routine to strengthen your journaling habit and improve your journaling discipline.

The guided journaling programs follow a contextual routine across a day, a week, or a month so if you miss one, you will have a chance next time it is scheduled — the guided journaling prompts are designed in a way that doesn't require any particular order, so don't worry about it!

Trigger Journaling

When you notice a surge of positive or negative thoughts and feelings, or when you notice a particular mood, we want you to pay mindful attention to this moment and save it for later with trigger journaling. We plan to add a simple one-prompt guide to get you through the feelings and thoughts quickly so you can take a mindful approach to this sudden change in your mood.

We know you can encounter triggers in your life very often, so having a one-prompt guide will let you use it as many times as you need during your day. 

We would like to remind you that the Howdy app is a lifestyle app so if you think you need medical or psychological assistance, always make sure to contact a professional doctor!

Howdy Daily

You might already know the Howdy Daily feature from the app. It's available for quite some time already as a subscription. It's our first guided journaling program that supports your journaling habit with unique and surprising journaling prompts that will make you pause and think for a moment. 

Some of the Howdy Daily prompts are very deep and meaningful, and some are lighthearted and fun, so you will have a reason to come back and challenge yourself and your worldview each day!

We will share sneak peeks of those upcoming features in the Howdy Blog soon, so keep checking out the Development category.

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