Your private and secure app for journaling and self-reflection.

Take a mindful moment for your well-being and add text or photos to preserve the moment!

Your journaling companion

Meet your journaling and self-reflection app, Howdy 👋🏻 It's your daily companion that will help you preserve good moments of your life and help grow your self-awareness through mindful breaks.

Howdy supports you without distracting you from your life: you can use it a lot or as little as you want.

Self-reflection-based journaling

While traditional journaling is a great tool for your mental well-being, Howdy takes a step further with the body, mind, and energy tracking.

This way you can take a mindful pause during your day to reflect on how you feel in the moment and over time start noticing how your mood, feelings, and well-being change throughout the day!

Private and secure by default

Whatever you write in Howdy stays secure on your device and in your iCloud account. We do not track activity in the app at all because what you do in the app is your business.

You can secure your app with the biometric lock (TouchID or FaceID) for extra security.

Store (almost) anything

When you're using Howdy, you create Moments: small snapshots of your day and how you feel in the moment, using a simple scale of 1 (very bad) to 10 (very good).

You can also add a text or photo memory for the moment and single out specific Moments as your favorite to keep them separately for a bad day.

Keeping your journaling habit alive

You might have trouble finding a moment to take a mindful break during your day. For that, we have created journaling reminders.

Choose to be reminded in the morning, afternoon, or evening when you most likely have some time to take a break.

You can also use the custom reminders to align your journaling habit with your lifestyle.

Howdy Daily for extra inspiration

No matter if you're a journaling veteran or barely started your journaling habit, there will be days when you will feel uninspired or demotivated to journal.

For that, we have created an optional paid subscription (Howdy Daily) that will power up your Howdy app with 18 Journaling Programs and advanced tools to make your journaling more interesting.

The Howdy concept and philosophy

Have you ever had a great moment when you thought to yourself just right now I feel great, I wish life were more like that? With the constant uncertainty, struggles, changes in life, and the never-ending stream of doom and gloom in the media, it's easy to give in and feel down or anxious. But life is not only bad and there are good moments worth remembering.

Howdy was created as a daily journaling companion app for this sole purpose: make it easy and fun to document good moments in life as they happen. It is your journaling sidekick or a mindfulness assistant, if you will!

Mindfulness, journaling, and self-reflection are well-documented to be linked to better mental health and improved general well-being. We wanted to support people like you with a simple, elegant, and high-quality application for your (most likely) phone — the device that you keep with you all the time.

We also designed Howdy to respect your attention and prevent distractions — the app will not send you any notifications unless you explicitly opt-in to receive journaling reminders at specific times of your day that we believe are the optimal moments to take a minute of your time: when your day starts or ends, or when you most likely have a moment to relax.

To us, your well-being is not a product to track, analyze, and monetize — we do not collect any information about you at all. It was a conscious choice and decision that we took to make a great app, even at the cost of having statistics and data to process. What you do with Howdy is your business by design.

Howdy is a lifestyle app...

Howdy is not a medical app. It will not diagnose you with anything nor it will give you any health-related advice.

Instead, Howdy is a lifestyle companion app that enriches your life and creates opportunities throughout your day to make a mindful break, take a deep breath, and reflect on your physical well-being, mental health, and energy at the moment.

We believe that regular use of Howdy can have a good influence on your well-being and will help you grow your self-awareness and mindful mindset.

Remember: you should always talk to a real doctor when you deal with physical or mental issues

...with medical device's security

That doesn't mean it was built without strict privacy and security philosophy in mind!

Howdy stores your data in an encrypted format on your device and the iCloud account used for backup and syncing data between devices.

You can secure your app with biometric lock using TouchID (fingerprints) and FaceID (face scan) provided by your device.

Also, no data is collected or shared with us or anybody else. Even if you opt-in for iOS reporting, we only get aggregated and anonymous information like retention numbers or crash data.

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