Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You probably have questions about the Howdy app — on this page, we have collected a list of the most frequently asked ones:


These questions are about the Howdy app concept and the philosophy behind it.

What is journaling?

Journaling is an activity of writing down memories and thoughts to create a chronological journal.

Do I need an app for journaling?

You do not need an app for journaling but it makes it easier and more convenient because you always have your phone with you.

Journaling on paper has many benefits but effectively ends up being cumbersome on the go and you might find yourself blocked by things like how nice your journal is and how meaningful your entries should be. You don't have to worry about things like that with an app journal!

Why did you create the Howdy app?

As you can guess: we at Cubitoo journal. It is hard to do on the go, though, and writing things down is sometimes too time-consuming.

We also wanted to enrich the journaling process with a self-reflection aspect that usually is hard to achieve with traditional journaling.

What is self-reflection?

Self-reflection is an activity of taking an objective look and analyzing one's state. Things like physical state, mental health, and energy level.

Should I care about self-reflection?

Knowing your inner state allows you to become more mindful and self-aware and use this insight to improve your overall wellness.

When you know what makes you happy or sad, frustrates you or triggers certain emotions, you can act on that insight to remove the bad things from your life and boost the good ones!

Is journaling and self-reflection much work?

We designed the Howdy app to be as simple as possible and streamline the process efficiently to remove the barrier of entry for your journaling habit.

The app guides you through the self-reflection process with simple guidance text and an easy-to-understand scale of 1 (bad) to 10 (good) and you don't even need to write your memory down to come back to it later!

Why "Moments?"

We have spent more time than we want to admit looking for a good name. Eventually, it boils down to the simple phrase "how do you feel in the moment" and the term Moment stuck. We have built on top of it with optional text and photo memories, but the foundational blocks of your Howdy experience are the moments in time.

Should I journal a lot?

It depends on your style and needs. Journaling works best when it becomes a habit: a thing that you do regularly and without much of the willpower required to start.

You can write long summaries of your day (like a diary) or focus on individual moments during your day — the Howdy app does not force you to have any particular approach and it's entirely up to you how you use it!

We know that some of our users don't even use it for strict journaling only and store food pictures, selfies, and favorite quotes, which we find very cool.

Using the Howdy app

These questions are about using the Howdy app and its features.

On which devices can I use the Howdy app?

Howdy app was designed to work best on any iPhone or other small-screen iOS device.

You can install and use the app on your iPad or Mac with Apple Silicon but it will work in "phone mode."

We plan to support more Apple devices in the future, so stay tuned!

Can I use Howdy on Android?

Unfortunately the Howdy app is not available on Android devices.

We are considering creating an Android Howdy app at some point but not anytime soon.

Can I use Howdy on the web?

While we plan to have a limited Howdy Web capability in the future (see the features page for details), it won't be a pure web experience for several reasons. You will still need the Howdy app as a primary source of information and the Howdy Web feature will be only a way to share your existing Moments.

Can I navigate quickly in the Howdy app?

To navigate quickly you can use the bottom navigation in the app or use the long-press on the app icon on your Home Screen — you will have options to quickly open the Moments tab, the Favorite moments tab, the Pictures tab, or save a new moment.

Do I have to write a text memory?

No, the only thing required to save a Moment is the self-reflection part.

Do I have to take or attach a picture memory?

No, the only thing required to save a Moment is the self-reflection part.

How many pictures can I take or attach to a Moment?

You can take or attach as many pictures as you wish and there is no limit in the app.

I cannot see pictures I took in the Howdy app in my Photos library, where are they?

By default the Howdy app does not save photos to your camera roll and they won't be included in your Photos library.

You can tap the "Share" button located in the top-right corner of the photo to save it to your Photos library.

Can I share a Moment?

Yes, you can share any of your Moments as a picture when you open the Moment details and tap the "Share as image" button.

The output image is generated in a square format for social media sharing but you can share it anywhere thanks to the iOS share sheet.

Can I use the Howdy app on multiple devices?

Sure, you can share one app across many of your devices, which will also sync data between them.

You can also share the Howdy app license with your family through Family Sharing, which will keep each person's data separate from the rest.

How to undo my actions?

Use the to undo and to redo.

Can you remind me to journal?

Yes, you can choose to be reminded at specific times — choose to be reminded in the morning, afternoon, or evening in the Settings tab.

Privacy and Security

These questions are about the Howdy app privacy and security measures and features.

Do you read my Howdy app content?

No, we cannot read any of your Howdy app content because it is safely stored and isolated inside your iCloud account.

Do you track my Howdy app usage?

No, we decided to take drastic measures to keep your privacy safe and we do not have any kind of tracking in the app itself.

If you opted into sharing data with Apple and the developers, we might receive aggregated and anonymized data like the number of sessions or app crashes from all users as a whole.

Do you collect any data about me?

No, just like we do not track the app usage, we also do not collect any data about you — whatever you do with your Howdy app is your business.

Is the Howdy app data secure on my device?

The Howdy app data stored on your iOS device is stored in a secure and encrypted way, provided by the iOS itself.

Is the Howdy app data secure in my iCloud account?

The Howdy app data stored in your iCloud account for backup and syncing between devices is stored in a secure and encrypted way.

Can I prevent other people from using my Howdy app?

Yes, you can secure your Howdy app with a biometric lock that is supported by your device: TouchID using the finger-prints scanner or FaceID using the face-scan system.

You will be asked to verify your identity when the app launches or when it's activated from the inactivity (e.g. via app switcher, phone call, etc.)

Premium features

These questions are about the Howdy Daily and other premium features of the app.

What is Howdy Daily?

Howdy Daily is an optional subscription unlocking unique daily journaling prompts to keep your journaling fresh and interesting.

Do I have to buy the Howdy Daily subscription?

No, the Howdy Daily subscription is entirely optional and it doesn't affect any other features in the Howdy app.

What are the benefits of the Howdy Daily subscription?

You might find yourself bored and uninspired at times when you journal about the same thing over and over.

With the Howdy Daily journaling prompts, you can have more variety and surprises resulting in more interesting and insightful journaling.

How long is the Howdy Daily subscription?

You can choose between a monthly subscription and a yearly one. We of course encourage you to take a full year of journaling prompts but you can start with a shorter subscription and see if that benefits you.

Is there a trial?

Yes, there is a trial for both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

When you choose a monthly subscription you will have 3 trial days.

When you choose a yearly subscription you will have 7 trial days.

Can I terminate my subscription?

You can terminate your subscription at any time in your AppStore app or the Settings app.

Unless you terminate the trial, the subscription will run until the actual termination date.

Can I get my money back?

We do not process refunds for AppStore-bought subscriptions, so you will have to contact Apple for that.

Other questions

All other questions you might have about the Howdy app.

I like Howdy, can I help you with anything?

We are super happy to hear you like the app — if you want to help, simply let other people know about it!

Consider writing an AppStore review for the app, too.

I don't like Howdy, how can I let you know?

If you don't like the app, we are sorry — it's a great opportunity to improve it, though, so let us know by sending an email with your feedback.

You can find the email address in the Settings tab or the Legal Notice (Imprint) page.

I have an idea for a new feature!

Awesome, we love to hear the ideas from our users — send us the idea via email!

You can find the email address in the Settings tab or the Legal Notice (Imprint) page.

I've found a bug.

We have tested the app extensively internally and with external testers but the app might glitch out or have an unintended bug — let us know via email!

You can find the email address in the Settings tab or the Legal Notice (Imprint) page.

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