Features of the Howdy app

On this page you can learn more about the features of the Howdy app and our plan ahead for coming soon features.

We have marked some of the features as changing to indicate that we are improving them at the moment behind the scenes and idea to indicate that we consider adding such a feature in the future — let us know what you think about them!

Basic features

These features are available right away when you buy the Howdy app from the AppStore and do not require any additional subscription or purchases.

Moment tracking

Everything you save in Howdy is considered a Moment: a snapshot of your physical and mental well-being in the moment.

The Moments tab stores your entries in chronological order so you can always go back as far as you wish in a convenient scrollable list.


Each moment starts with an opportunity to take account of your general well-being and energy level.

Rate how your body, mind, and energy feel on a scale from 1 (bad) to 10 (good) — use those values to see how your internal state changes over time.

Text memories

You can add a text memory to each of your Moments — write down how you feel, what are your thoughts, or why you preserve this exact moment of your life.

Text memories are optional and you can write as much or as little as you wish, depending on your personal preference and journaling style.

Picture memories

You can add one or more pictures to your Memory from your Photos library or take photos using your device's camera.

Photos are optional and those taken inside the Howdy app are not stored in your Photos library — you can export them using the Share button.

Favorite moments

You can mark certain Moments as your favorite moments, listed chronologically in the Favorites tab.

Use those special moments of your life to lift your mood during a bad day or build your library of happy memories to always have them handy.

Sharing moments

Each Moment can be shared as a square picture for your messaging apps or social media shares when you press the Share as image button.

Because of the image format used by the Share as image feature, long text will be truncated at some point and we cannot include photos in the exported image.

Biometric lock

The Howdy app can be set up to use your device's biometric lock to unlock the app and prevent other people from viewing your Moments.

It's the same lock method used by your device to unlock the screen, minus the password part.

This way, you can be sure that nobody but you has access to your Howdy app, even if your password becomes compromised!

Journaling reminders

Keeping a journaling habit alive can be hard at times, so you can set the Howdy app to automatically remind you about journaling at specified times during your day.

You can choose any or all options: morning (9:00 or 9am), afternoon (13:00 or 1pm), and evening (19:00 or 7pm). We believe at those times you will most likely have some time to take a mindful break and reflect on your day.


Howdy uses a consistent color theme to indicate things that relate to body (green), mind (blue), and energy (yellow).

If you find that color theme overwhelming, you can set Howdy to use a monochromatic theme.

Oh, and the Howdy app also takes care of your eyes at night with an automatic dark mode.

App introduction

The Howdy app takes a somewhat new take on journaling and self-reflection and we introduce you gently into your new journaling habit with a straightforward and descriptive introduction.

You can skip the introduction and reset it at any time to be reminded how the Howdy app works.

Introduction to Journaling

You might be new to journaling so enjoy the Introduction to Journaling program for free. It is an entryway into your new healthy habit that takes just a few minutes each day for about a weak.

You can repeat the Introduction to Journaling program as many times as you wish.

Undo/Redo support

Did you do something you didn't intend to in the Howdy app?

Worry not, you can undo and redo most of the actions like editing a Moment or removing it.

Use the to undo and to redo.

iCloud sync

Your Howdy app data is managed by Apple CoreData technology and uses your iCloud account to back up and sync data between your devices.

You can opt out of the iCloud backup and sync using the iCloud settings in your Settings app.

Search Idea

As you keep using the Howdy app, your Moments library will grow beyond a short list of happy memories.

We are considering adding text search for your Moments, as a simple or advanced search feature.

We are currently working on the concept of the Search feature, so feel free to share your ideas with us!

Optional paid features

These features are available as optional in-app purchases or subscriptions. They are additional features that enhance your Howdy app experience but are not required for the app to be fully functional.

Journaling Programs

Focus on a specific area of your life and use your journaling habit to improve your life with the journaling programs. Each day you will be inspired with a new, carefully crafted journaling prompt that will make you think, reflect, and make positive changes in your life.

There are currently 5 journaling programs available: Introduction to Journaling, 7 Days of Mindfulness, 7 Days of Productivity, 7 Days of Self-Acceptance, and 14 Days of Changing Life.

Journaling programs run over multiple days and you can use them at your own pace: once started, programs will wait with a new prompt until the previous is done.

Guided Journaling

Guided journaling is similar to the journaling programs but the prompts are time-blocked to specific days. Each day you will be guided to focus on a specific area of your life.

There are 9 guided journaling programs: Morning Kick-Off, Work Journaling, Reading and Learning, Hobby Log, Evening Wrap-Up, Daily Affirmation, Daily Gratitude, and Daily Kaizen.

Guided journaling programs are always available in the context of your week and month, so unless you use Howdy every day you might miss one or more prompts in the timeframe. Still, they will come back in about a week or a month, so don't worry!

Journaling Helpers

Journaling helpers have specially crafted journaling experiences that were designed to support and facilitate rapid journaling sessions when time is critical and you're dealing with an influx of emotions or a fleeting thought.

There are 4 journaling helpers: Trigger Journal, Thought Catcher, #WIN Log, and Dream Tracker.

Each journaling helper has the same prompt every time you use it to give you a quick and practical way to journal with minimal effort.

Howdy Daily

When you start feeling bored or uninspired in your journaling habit, you can spice it up with Howdy Daily — daily journaling prompt from 4 themes: health (red), body (green), mind (blue), and energy (yellow), that are split into 20 categories like: friends, family, sleep, gratitude, love, mental health, connection, fitness, and more.

Each day is unique (there are actually 371 unique prompts just in case) to keep your journaling fresh and interesting.

Howdy Daily is a paid subscription that comes with a trial period. You can choose to be billed monthly or yearly and can terminate your subscription at any time.

Custom reminders

Basic reminders at predefined times might not fit into your lifestyle and for that, you can use the custom reminders. Set up as many reminders as you wish at any time you like to be reminded to make a mindful pause and journal.

At the selected time your Howdy app will send you a reminder to make a mindful break and journal. You can mix basic reminders with custom reminders. It's the easiest way to add journaling with Howdy to your daily schedule and keep this healthy habit alive.

Trends dea

We are considering adding long-term trend analysis inside the Howdy app, calculated on your device. It would present aggregated data over a long time like week-by-week, month-by-month, or a whole month at a glance.

Archive Idea

You can use your Moments tab list of Moments to see which ones were created with a journaling prompt from the Howdy Daily subscription but we are also considering adding a dedicated Archive list for you to see all of them or theme-and-category focused lists.

This way you can gain valuable insight into your worldview and how you address various things in your life!

Howdy Web Idea

We are working on a way for you to share your selected Moments in a private and secure way here on the Howdy website, as part of your Howdy profile.

This would be an opt-in feature for each of your Moments, requiring your direct action and consent (we won't share anything automatically), and you would have control over your Moments' visibility and privacy at all times. You could use it to share some of your Moments as a personal blog, document your well-being for other people, or share selected Moments with your friends and family.

We are not sure how this feature will end up working, yet, and if it will be a basic or a paid feature.

We are currently working on the concept of the Howdy Web feature, so feel free to share your ideas with us!

Howdy for business

You can enrich your in-house Employee Wellness program with the Howdy app — here is how we can help:

Volume Licensing

We can offer you a specific volume of Howdy and (yearly) Howdy Daily licenses through Apple Business Manager.

Once purchased, you would receive a list of coupons and redeemable links for each member of your team to redeem the app (and a year of Howdy Daily) on their work or personal device. It's then up to you how you want to distribute the licenses!

Online Workshops

Treat your team with journaling and self-reflection workshops during which we will teach participants how to take care of their mental wellness through journaling and self-reflection with (not only) the Howdy app.

You can choose a general beginner workshop or a series of in-depth workshops focusing on specific topics.

Available as an individual purchase or recurring subscription.

App Whitelabel

You can whitelabel the Howdy app with your business' branding and custom content — we can help with creating the content and branding materials and will take care of the engineering.

Please note, you will acquire a license to use the Howdy technology but not the Howdy property and the source code.

Available as a one-time setup cost and a monthly/yearly running license.

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