A quick introduction to self-reflection

So you want to get to know yourself more and grow your self-awareness? Awesome! If you feel intimidated by this concept, don't worry about it — it's straightforward, and we will show you the five steps to have a quick, insightful, and relaxing self-reflection session:

Step 1: Make space for self-reflection

It would help if you started your self-reflection by making physical and mental space for the session. You don't need to hide in a quiet corner or detach from reality, but you should make sure that you:

  1. Are in a space that allows you to focus on your body with no distractions like a shaky bus or loud room,
  2. Can concentrate for a minute without distractions or preoccupation

A perfect moment to self-reflect is when you sit somewhere down, on a chair or a sofa: you're comfortable, and most likely, nobody will pay attention or distract you right away. 

Step 2: Observe your body

Take a mental stroll through your body to figure out how your body feels: do you have any pains, soreness, unwanted feelings, or uneasiness? Some will be temporary (like an uncomfortable chair or feeling hot or cold, but it's great if you notice them), and some will be more significant or permanent (like feeling sore or sick). 

Focus on anything you notice and make a mental note. You can write your findings down in Howdy or use it to rate your body state in your Moment. 

Step 3: Observe your mind

Look at the snapshot of your mind at the moment. Are you calm and serene? Or do you notice unwanted, uneasy, or irritable thoughts and feelings? Maybe you're anxious or angry about something but those feeling hide at the corners of your mind — let them surface and take a mental note of them, then let them do their own thing. 

Like unfamiliar books, pick up each of the findings, acknowledge it, then let it go and see if the feeling or thought dissolves, moves into the background, or floats in your attention. That's a valuable insight you might want to note down in Howdy or use to rate your mind state in your Moment.

Step 4: Analyze your energy

Think about how much energy you have at the moment. Are you feeling energetic and full of pep, or are you exhausted and washed out?

Even if you cannot do anything about your energy level now, knowing your energy state gives you context for understanding your bodily and mental state. Use it as a motivational boost or an invitation to slow down and take it easy. Use this insight to rate your energy level in Howdy or write it down in your Moment.

Step 5: Write things down.

To fully benefit from the self-reflection, you should write each result in your journal or the Howdy app. Having a long-time source of information on your well-being is a powerful tool to improve your life, health, and happiness. You will notice patterns of your body, mind, and energy changes over time and can use this information to organize your life more naturally and optimally.

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