How to use the self-reflection scale

Each time you save a Moment in your Howdy app, you are performing a short self-reflection activity. If you ever wondered how to use it best to your advantage, here are some handy tips!

Here is how the self-reflection scales look in the Howdy app:
Self-reflection scales in the Howdy app

When you start your Howdy app the first time, the scales are zeroed-out at 5 for body, mind, and energy. This is considered an average value and a good reference point for your self-reflection.

In general: 1 is the worst and 10 is the best. Everything in between is up to you! 

If your body, mind, or energy feels better than average, select a larger number. How much larger? That's something for you to figure out as you go. A value of 7 today might be different in a week or a month — as your self-awareness grows, so will your perception of the scales.

Using the self-reflection scales is a great way to take a snapshot of how you feel in the moment — if you start journaling multiple times a day, you will notice interesting patterns of your wellness state and will be able to figure out what triggered those changes

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