How to enable the biometric lock

Did you know that you can protect your Howdy app from unauthorized access with the biometric lock using TouchID or FaceID technology used by your device to unlock your device?

If you share your device, you might want to enable the feature to hide your Howdy data from prying eyes. Even if you keep your device locked, once you unlock it, by default the Howdy app is accessible to anyone using the device. If you enable the biometric lock, the Howdy app will require anyone opening the app or switching to it from the app switcher to authenticate using their fingerprints or face scan!

To start, navigate to the Settings tab and find this toggle:

When you toggle this option on, you will be asked for permission to use your biometric lock technology — TouchID for devices with a fingerprint scanner or FaceID for devices with a face sensor:

And it's done! Now you can use the biometric lock in the Howdy app to keep your data private and secure no matter who uses your device!

As a reminder, this is how the app will welcome you back, and anybody else, to authenticate you:

We hope you will find the biometric lock useful in your journaling and self-reflection adventures — to learn more about the Howdy app and how to use it, check other posts from this category!

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