How to enable journaling reminders

Did you know that the Howdy app can remind you automatically to journal when you most likely have some time to take a break and reflect on your day?

We've added the journaling reminders to keep your journaling habit alive by taking a mindful break at regular times each day — over time it will become easier and natural to pick up your device, launch Howdy, and make a short mindful break to think about your day and journal for a minute or two.

You can find the journaling reminders in the Settings tab:

Journaling reminders are off by default and when enabling your first reminder, you will be asked for permission to be notified by the Howdy app, and how. You can choose to be reminded immediately or sometime later in a scheduled summary. The Howdy app works best when you select the Immediate delivery option.

You can choose to be reminded in the morning (9:00 or 9 am), in the afternoon (13:00 or 1 pm), and in the evening (19:00 or 7 pm) — you can find your routine for journaling and enable any combination of those reminders, so don't be afraid to experiment a little!

We hope you will find the journaling reminders feature useful in keeping your journaling habit alive — if you want to learn more about the Howdy app features, check other posts from this category.

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