Howdy 3.1.0

Welcome to the Howdy 3.1.0 "Features and Quality of Life" update. There are many exciting things in this update. Check them out:

— Reworked the app internally to optimize performance and lay down the foundation for upcoming features and updates,
— Added two new beautiful themes: Winter and Christmas,
— Added custom reminders: add as many as you need at any time you like,
Free journaling program for everyone: Introduction to Journaling,
— Share your Memories as full-sized images: you can share your Moments in a social-media friendly square format or full-sized format that adjusts to the length of your text memory,
Updated the premium subscription prompt: you can see the premium subscription benefits more clearly and recall the view at any time from the Settings tab,

More programs will come later this month as a free upgrade to the Howdy Daily subscription.

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