The gentle benefits of journaling

Journaling, no matter which flavor, has many benefits for your daily life. You might not realize that yet, but when you start writing about your daily life and your thoughts in the safe space of your journal, you partake in a wonderful activity of being mindful.

That mindfulness is the result of you making an effort to look inwards: looking at your innermost thoughts and feelings, reflecting on your day and the events, and finding sense in it all. It might feel overwhelming at first but it's like a muscle — the more you use it, the stronger it gets, and the easier it becomes to make those mindful breaks!

Another benefit of journaling is the fact that you are building the archive of your life. All moments you decide to journal about are preserved for the future. All the happy moments, the moments when you were sad, the struggles, and the victories. It all ends up in your journal and stays safe for the time when you want or need to revisit those memories. It's a trove of your personal wisdom and experience you can tap into at any time when you are in need. 

The benefits of journaling do not seem life-changing at first, if ever, because they are gentle. Journaling creates a space in your day for being present and reflecting, shows you that your life is full of meaning and things to be grateful for, and enhances your mental resilience with the library of good memories and learnings. It's like a mosquito net: you don't pay attention to it when it's been built but it works invisibly to keep you safe from harm.

You can journal in many ways. Some are as simple as taking a mental selfie that is put into words, and others are more elaborate like dissecting events of your day and finding various triggers for emotions and feelings. Each way brings its own unique benefits and over time we will explore all those techniques to build up your own journaling toolbox.

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